Hey everyone!

I thought long and hard if I should start writing this blog for one simple reason, it’s personal.

I know many people write about personal events and private lives and to some it maybe the easiest thing for them to do. To me on the other hand it doesn’t really come easy to talk about my feelings mostly because of the way that I was brought up.

You see my parents although not very old are from a different generation. A generation that if you did talk about anything personal to your parents they would feel embarassed and wouldn’t know how to reply to you so would just change the subject. So as they grew up and had a family of their own thats what they did. They avoided awkward conversations with anyone especially their children and so it was passed on to me and my siblings. But I say it’s time someone broke the cycle.

I’m not really sure anyone will read this blog and to be honest I think I’m doing it mainly for me. Hoping that in some way writing this blog will help me get through what happened or at least make it easier to bare. Who knows it may help someone else who went or is going through the same thing. Maybe help them see they are not alone even if it feels like it.

For some reason still unknown to me this subject (where I’m from anyway) is never talked about.  It may seem childish or even foolish of me to say but I think if more people knew about it it may just be that litle bit easier to help when you are facing it.

This blog will be about my life and how what happened in the last 2 years that led me to this moment of writing this blog about my Diego.


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