Our first date

We went on a date. I don’t remember every detail of that night. I remember how nervous I was, the butterflies in my stomach. I remember thinking I must be dreaming, this isn’t happening. We took the bus to where we were going. It was a quiet bar on a busy road. We walked from the bus stop to the bar and I remember thinking on the way there how lucky I was to have someone like him taking me out. It was cold out. The soft wind brushed past my face making my eyes water and my nose run. I looked up at the dark blue sky on the way there and saw the stars and the moon. The way the street lights hit the branches of the trees and the quiet chatter of people walking close by. It was amazing, not only was I with a guy who chose to spend his free time with me I was having a good time sitting at our table having a drink and talking. Just talking to each other about anything and everything. Making jokes smiling and laughing.We stayed there until closing time (at 3 am). I remember thinking no it cant be, we havent been here that long. He walked me to my bus stop where we talked some more. In this January’s night at this  early hour I was really feeling the cold. He noticed I was cold and to keep me warm while we waited for the bus he asked me to sit on the seat at the bus stop. He was wearing a thick wool jacket so he came closer to me and put my head on his chest so I could keep my face warm. He took my hands and put them in his jacket pockets so my hands wouldn stay warm. My heart beat faster. It felt so nice to be taken care of for once. At that moment I felt sheltered from the world and everything in it. I was so comfortable that I didn’t even realise the bus was coming. I saw it out of the coner of my eye and shot to my feet. I said thank you for the lovely night and we hugged each other goodbey not wanting to let go. I looked up at him and he tried to kiss me and what do I do? I run… yeah that’s right I ran inside the bus. I felt so stupid and felt bad that I hadn’t let him kiss me. But in my defence the bus driver and a few people inside the bus were wathing and it made me really uncomfortable. 
I showed the bus driver my ticket and quickly took a seat on the bus. I could feel my face getting warmer and felt embarrassed. 

I sat there thinking about the night. Thinking about what had happened. Thinking what would happen next. I sent him a text thanking him for the nice time out and for him to let me know when he got home. 

He sent a message not long after telling me he had a good time and that he was nearly home.

I got home and thought I would have trouble sleeping as I just had an exciting evening. I must have been very tired. I went to bed as fell asleep almost instantly. 

I woke up the next morning still feeling like it hadn’t happened. Thinking I had just dreamt that. But it did happen and I was over the moon.


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