The wedding

So the day came when we got married.

It’s always suppose to be one of the happiest days of your life. I’m not going to lie, so far it had been the best day I ever had. I enjoyed it to the max. There wasn’t many people at my wedding. I organized everything from where we were getting married to where we were staying. Some people would say I didn’t do a good job. But in my eyes everything was perfect. I never wanted a big wedding. I wanted a small quiet wedding with people that loved us. The flowers were artificial but they are better that way. I can keep them for longer. The dress wasn’t debt expensive. It was affordable and looked good. Unfortunately his parents couldn’t come as something came up last minute. I invited friends and family to come. Most of my family didn’t come. My parents went to the wedding suprisingly along with my younger brother. Everyone else didn’t come. My friends came. They were decided to get me flown and I was decided to not let it affect me. But as much as I tried to ignore that, it was quietly bothering me. His brother came to the wedding too. That was good. He would help to make it a happy atmosphere. The witnesses were not my first choice but since the first ones declined the second ones couldn’t be bothered  (and I was glad they weren’t) we had a very friendly couple that was my partners frinds but I had met a few times. I was happy with that choice. The ring shopping was a great experience for me. I loved every minute. Not because of how good it would look but what it meant. He bought the engagement ring by himself but unfortunately didn’t get the ring size right so I had to go back and get a different size but that was fine. I could see how much thought he’d put into it and I loved the fact he tried so hard. It was a thin band gold ring with a single stone in the middle. I loved it. The wedding rings we chose together. He wanted matching rings. I had no objection to that. We had a few choices but narrowed it down to the one we liked most together. 

We went to the registry office and got married there. There was a pub across the street so we all went there and had a drink. We went to get changed before the meal. We had a bit of time to kill before we went so we went to a coffee shop close to the bed and breakfast do we went there with some guests and went to the restaurant after. It was a buffet that way everyone had what they wanted, how much they wanted and had a big range to choose from including desserts.

It was a great day all in all. Everyone had fun. That’s what matters most. Me and my husband were happy so I didn’t really care about everyone else. 


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