The first few months after the marriage 

It went fast. Very fast. He worked too many days and long hours every day. We were lucky if we had one full day to spend with each other. There were ups and downs. There always is. Finding suitable housing was a problem. We found one at first which wasn’t too bad but then things happened that made us have to move. In the first year we had to move 4 times. After 6 months of being married I discovered something that changed my life. It was a day like any other day. I slept in a bit because I was tired from work the day before and it was my day off so that meant I could. My husband got up and went to work. I got up a bit later. For some reason I decides to do a pregnancy test. My periods have never been regular so I never worried when it didn’t show. It was either late or not coming this month. We had been trying for a baby. So I went to the toilet and peed on a stick. I was honestly expecting it to say negative. I waited for a litle bit and it said positive. 😍😍😍 I was over the moon. I called my friend and told her. She asked me if I was sure. I did another 2 just to make sure.They both said the same as the first. I quickly got dressed and ran to my husbands work. By coincidence something wasn’t working so he only stayed at work for 2 hours before he was allowed to go home. I got there and I waited for him to finish as I didn’t want to tell him at his workplace. We were walking home and he asked me if there was something wrong. I told no but I had to tell him something when we got home. Baring in mind we lived 10 minute walk from his workplace. He kept asking me to tell him but I wanted to wait till we got home. He asked me if I was sick. If I had bought something for him. If I had a surprise at home. I told him that part of the surprise was at home (the pregnancy tests). Só he thought for a but and then said are you pregnant?  He guessed… I couldn’t tell him no and then say yes when we got home. I told him yes. Were walking in a busy street. He asked again but loudly… I told him yes again. You’re pregnant he shouted and I quickly went red in the face. He couldn’t hold it in. He was over the moon with a smile that spread across his face from ear to ear. It had been (so far) the best days of our lives. 


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