After the pregnancy test

So after I did my pregnancy tests and told my husband, who by the way was very excited as I also was, there came all these thoughts of what do I do next? Sudenly alot of things made sense to me then. With the excitment I haden’t even had time to think. I had been feeling so tired, like I could sleep for days with no problem and as much as I hate to say it it explains the fact that my moods seemed to change every 5 minutes. I was only about 7 weeks pregnant but I just couldn’t wait to meet him/her.We loved the fact that both me and him were going to be parents. The fact that someone amazing was entering our lives. And as cheesy as it sounds our lives were never going to be the same again.

My husband wanted to tell everyone about us. That were going to have a baby. I asked him please wait. I haven’t even gone to the doctors and it’s still early days please wait and after we can tell everyone. He told me he would wait before he told anyone. That was shortly lived as 5 minutes later I see him on the phone talking to his mum and spilling the beans.

I made a mental checklist of what I had to do next.

Step 1- Start eating better

Step 2- Start taking vitamins

Step 3- Call the doctor and make and appointment

Step 4- Make a list of everything I have to get continuouslt throughout my pregnancy…

The next day I called my GP to book my appointment. I was told that there wasnt any appointments for 2 weeks. I said I need to see a doctor before that and was told that I can have a doctor call me back and see if it was urgent. I explained that it wasn’t urgent but I had to see one so they had a look for me and found a cancellation the following week. I was grateful that they did. It’s the first time I’m pregnant and I’m not really sure what the first steps are so I guess I just wanted reassurance from the doctor to tell me my next steps.

So as the week goes by I keep googling things. What to eat, what not to eat, what are the myths and what are not, how to best prepare physically, mentally and financially. 

So I went to the doctor and told her that I had done a home pregnancy test and that it came back positive. 

She asked me to pee in a cup so she could do one there as it’s the normal procedure just to make sure. So off I went to pee in a cup and the test came back positive. She asked if I was taking any vitamins and eating properly. I said yes I was trying to. She asked me to go to the reception and book an appointment for the midwife. This itself seemed very complicated to do. We only have one midwife at my GP who only works on friday mornings so the next available appointment they have is 4 weeks later. 4 weeks… I know there is alot of people to be seen to, but 4 weeks just seemed ridiculous to me. Anyway there wasn’t really anything I could do so I just had to wait. Those 4 weeks went so slowly. Knowing that my baby was there but not knowing how she/he was, not knowing what to do and the fact time just seemed to stand still.



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