The first appointment with the midwife

The 4 weeks wait to see the midwife were killers. I had installed an app on my phone that told me which stage I was at and what was happening at the time. I looked at it at least 10 times a day everyday. The thing is the app only gives you any new updates every week. This was one of the reasons time was going so slowly. It just seemed like I had found out a long time ago but I was still at the same place. 

My husband told my mum even though I had asked him not to. She then asked me if it was true and I told her yes it was and she was happy for us. The rest of my family at the time were not speaking to me because I had chosen someone to be my husband that they they did not a prove of. So my mum told them and kept them updated on what was going on.

So the day finally arrived for the appointment. I booked it first thing in the morning so I wouldn’t have to wait all morning. We didn’t have to wait long to get called in which was good. I met the midwife who was very friendly and very smiley. I was glad as this put me at ease a litle bit. So she took all my details my husbands details asked questions about our parents and our grandparents, illnesses in the families anything we should be concerned about. All those kind of things. She took some blood to sebd to the lab to make sure my blood was ok and I didn’t have high cholster ol or high blood sugar. Before I left she asked me to go on the bed and lie down so she could try to find a heartbeat. I was so excited that I was going to hear his heartbeat my head just went dizzy a litle and for a few seconds I had blocked out all the noise in the room. All I could hear was a ringing in my ears.

As I lay on the bed the midwife put the cold gel on my tummy and turned the machine on to look for the heart beat. She had been looking to what seemed like forever and she couldn’t find it I started to panic a bit. She must have noticed because straight away she told me that it was normal to take a while to find the heartbeat as the baby is very small. Not long after that she found the baby’s heart beat. I let out a long sigh of relieve. I was listening to my babies heartbeat. I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh my emotions were all over the place so instead of doing that shat I got that shaggy giggles and I couldn’t stop. It was the best feeling ever. My husband was over the moon with a smile that spread across his face, he joked with the midwife asking her if she’s sure that it’s the baby’s heartbeat because it sounds like a train. She assured him it wasn’t a train and it was in fact the heartbeat. The midwife gave me some cloth so I could clean the gel off my tummy and get ready to leave. I was given my blue folder and was told I had to take it with me everywhere I went for appointments. We thanked her and went on our way happy and hungry as we hadn’t eaten anything at all that day. So we went to and coffee place and had some breakfast together just the two of us. My phone was then flooded with messages from my mum asking me how the appointment went. 


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