1st ultrasound 

My 1st ultrasound wasn’t too long after my appointment with the midwife. It was the following week actually so quite fast. Also because I was excited so that helped time go faster. I was officially going to meet my litle baby.

We made our way up to the hospital to maternity ward to get the ultrasound done. We were so excited. We didn’t tell anyone when it was because we didn’t want everyone to be calling us asking questions. We wanted to just focus on us and our baby. 

We got to the ward we were suppose to go to and went to reception. Told the lady who we were, gave her my maternity folder and what the appointment time was. We had been told in the letter that was sent to us with the appointment time thag if we wanted pictures we needed to pay £5 for them, so we went to the machine to get our stamp so we could get the pictures from our baby. Baby’s first picture. We waited but not long before we were called in. The lady that was doing our ultrasound was a bit grumpy. She wasn’t very kind. She told me to go on the bed and make my self ready, so I did. She put the cold gel on without warning so was a bit of a shock. She then started to look around. She looked for a while told us when she found the baby. We were so overwelmed to see our baby. We couldn’t believe it. The baby was so small but so wanted. The amount of love we had for the baby was enormous. She then let us listen to the heart beat for about 30 seconds. She then looked a while longer but still didn’t explain what she was doing. After a short time she stopped what she was doing and said she had to go and find a senior member and left the room. My heart sank… A million and one things went through my head none of them with a positive outcome. My heart was beating so fast I thought that it was going to make a whole in my chest, I was breathing faster but didn’t realize it until my head went dizzy and I had to tell myself to calm down. The lady then return with the senior member who told us that it wasn’t anything to worry about, which then I could calm down, it was just that the baby was hiding and they couldn’t measure the baby properly for the downsindrome test and the baby was determined to stay in that positionand not move where they wanted. She told us to go to the reception area and book another appointment for the following week as I was actually one week earlier than they thought so I had to come back. I told her that wasn’t a problem. She told us from what they could see the baby was absolutely fine. And then I let a long brest out and relaxed. I cleaned all the gel away from my tummy and got ready to go home. Went to the reception made an appointment for the following week. 

After the appointment we the held our families and told them we had the held go back again the following week as the baby was one week younger than they thought. The question I got asked the most was do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?? I told them it was too early to tell so we had to wait another few weeks as probably wouldn’t be able to see the following week either.

So again we waited for another week to go to the appointment. On the day all the way there all I could think was please not the same lady. She didn’t treat us badly but she just wasn’t the talking kind and I needed someone to reasure me and talk me through what’s going on so I can relax. So we did the same thing as the week before and waited to be called in. Thank goodness it was someone different. This week our baby was more helpful and did some good poses too. So more pictures. She explained what she was doing every step of the way and told me if it ever was uncomfortable to let her know but I didn’t have any issues so it all went smoothly. She told us that the results would go to the gp and the midwife would let us know when we next had an appointment with her. I lived it. It was such a different experience from the first one as we felt akward and couldn’t relax and on this one it just felt more natural. She gave us our pictures and folder and told us that we would get a letter with our next appointment for an ultrasound. 

So off we went quite happy with how it went happy that we had seen our baby. So now we had to wait for the next appointment enjoying all the litle things that changed or happened. Excited for everything still to come. 


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