2nd ultrasound

Well technically it was my 3rd since I had to go back after my first one since the baby was smaller than they thought. Leading up to it I found my self really frustrated that time seemed to be going so slowly. We went about doing our normal routines in our day to day almost the same, work, the ocasional visit to family when there was time and sleep alot of sleep. I was so tired all the time it was unbeliveable. At my job I am required to stand for all my shift and also move alot from one place to another while taking things to their correct places. I know I was only at the begining of my pregnancy but I was so tired, my energy just seemed to be drained no matter how many hours of sleep I had the night before. All my colegues told me it was too early for me to be tired but they are basically all men. It affected how quickly I was doing my jobs since I had no energy I was going slower and everyone was starting to comment on that.

One thing did changed on my day to day that I didn’t usually do. I had installed some apps on my phone so that I knew what was happening at what time. I found myself checking it daily several times a day. Checking what was happening and what I needed to be on a look out for. Also found myself going from one website to another looking for lists of what I had to get. What to expect the following months and when the baby arrives, looking for tips and making lists of my own. What to get, from where to get it and what was best. What to keep away from and what vitamins to take. No smoking and no drinking wasn’t a probem for me so that was easy but staying away from people who smoke not so much. I actually read an article today that had some interesting information on it. It said that second hand smoke even before you conceive can damage the babies brain. The brain won’t develop properly and connections won’t be made. So for anyone who is trying to conceive or is already pregnant try to stay away from heavy smokers or any smokers.

The time came for the scan and I could not wait. We did the same as the first time we went. We went to the reception desk to tell them we were there. We went to pay for the baby pictures and took a seat. The waiting room was suprisingly quite full. We didn’t have to wait long which was good. I went in got ready for the scan. The lady was lovely. She made us feel comfortable and at ease since we were both really anxious. She asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby we both said yes and immediately she said “It’s defenatly a boy”. I was happy to hear it. For some reason I always wanted a bit first. Everyone kept telling me before the scan it’s a girl it’s defenatly a girl you can tell by your face. How they could tell by my face I have no idea. But I always said he when I taliked about him and I was convinced it was a boy so I made a point of  telling my husband that I was right. She took some pictures and made sure he was ok. He was facing away from her and was being shy. He didn’t want to move around. We did try but he just wasn’t having it. 

We told everyone and they were all happy that everything was ok. My mum insisted on buying baby clothes the same day. I told her not to since we hadn’t even bought anything ourselves. We just wanted to wait a bit longer. There was no rush. We just wanted to enjoy the moment. 


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