A little catch up…

I’m never alone. At home I have my family, at work I have colleagues. The only alone time I get is the time between me finishing work and my husband coming home from work and that is when I’m in bed getting ready to go to sleep. 

Just because I’m never alone however doesn’t mean you don’t get lonely. Like I said before my husband has always been an amazing help through out everything. He knows what to do and what to say most of the time. He’s started a new job now so he’s not around like he used to. I know it sounds stupid but I liked coming home from work and my husband being at home and we just talked and cuddled. Now he’s not here when I come home I miss it. More importantly I miss him. 

We went to see Diego the other day. My husband doesn’t usually talk much about what happened it’s how he deals with it. But it’s times like that when we visit him that I know exactly how he feels because even though he tries to be manly and suck it up I see how much it upsets him. And it hurts to see someone you love so much hurt that way. 

My brother and his wife already know if they are having a boy or a girl. They sent the family cards with photos from the scan and a scratch here to find out boy or girl. It was nice but it did make me upset. I’m happy for them but also  worried I just hope that they will be ok and nothing bad will happen.


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