So October so far has been ok. 

I finally had some time to go and see my friend who is now overdue. She’s not happy about that. I gave her the baby things I bought for her and she was quite happy with it all. I got her (the baby) this really cute outfit it looks great and she actually wanted to buy it but ended up not buying it. I keep waiting for a message or a call from her to tell me that her baby has been born and everything went fine and they are both ok. I worry constantly if something will go wrong with either of them. Hopefully everything will be ok. 

We have found a house to move in to. It’s an ok house but nothing amazing. There is quite a lot of things we need to do before we move on. Painting the walls and we have to put varnish in the wooden floors. There are a few bits here and there so hopefully will get this all done before we have to move out from this one. 

My niece turned 5 years old this month. 5 YEARS!!!! How is that even possible. I remember holding her for the first time not very long ago and she’s 5 already??! Time sure does fly. I haven’t seen her since June. She lives in Portugal. She’s the most spoilt girl I have ever seen. She’s got mummy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. It was also no nieces dad’s birthday( my brother) this month and a few cousins.  This month is busy for that and so is December actually. 

My other niece is now a month old. Still haven’t seen her in real life just in pictures. They live in France. Can’t get the holidays from work to go and see them. They said Hopefully they will come and visit us in December so I’m hoping everything will go ok till then and they will be able to come. I miss my brother too. We were quite close he’s only a few years older than me so we got on quite well. But then he got a wife and moved away and didn’t talk to me for just under 2 years. We’ve talked by message since but it’s never the same. 

I was supposed to go out tonight with a couple of friends but as it turns out we are all ill. How did we all get I’ll at the same time? I went to work today and had to finish early so I only worked for about 2 and half hours. So I texted them in our group chat and told them and the reply I get from both of then was just we’re also ill. We didn’t want to cancel but at the same time we didn’t want to risk it go out and get worst. So we all rescheduled and are having a games night  next week. Works for everyone. So now I’m tucked up in bed watching series and blowing my nose for what feels like every 2 minutes. So if anyone sees me out within the next few days with a red nose like a clown please don’t judge me. 

Ok everyone hope you have a good weekend. 


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